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Part-built 5 inch gauge Peckett "Gamecock" 0-4-0ST - stock code 6503

We sold this one back in 2013, it's recently come back in part exchange for a larger engine. Still in pretty much exactly the same condition - pictures and words below are from 2013.

A well-advanced 5 inch gauge model of a Peckett "Gamecock" class 0-4-0 saddle tank. Built to 2 1/4 inch gauge, it's an exceptionally rare model built to a particularly good standard.

Work to date comprises chassis with wheels, axles, eccentric straps and sheaves, lifting links and weighshaft complete with pole reverser in cab. Cast iron cylinders complete with valve chests - there is one piston rod with crosshead, coupling and connecting rods along with flycranks remain to be made.

Boiler is in copper, silver soldered - plates are neatly flanged, solder has penetrated well and is neatly done.

Complete with a set of drawings and box of machined parts, including four beautifully made dumb buffers.

Length 30 inches

gauge 5 inch