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Part-built 5 inch gauge GWR King - stock code 5454

Built by two brothers renowned for the quality of their work, this well-made King was acquired in a well-advanced state by a fellow club member nearly thirty years ago. Some further work was completed on the tender, but the project otherwise remains at a point in the 1980s when the last serious work was done on it, by which time the chassis had been run on air, the boiler tested.

The locomotive has spent much of the intervening time in a centrally-heated garage. It's grimy, there is minor surface corrosion which cleans off easily and slight damage to two of the brass wheel splashers. Work to date on this highly detailed model is to an exceptionally good standard - the chassis turns over very smoothly, fit and finish of the valve gear is some of the nicest I've seen in this scale. The superheated boiler is finely made in copper, all silver soldered - it was hydraulic tested by the builders' club at 180psi when new and a certificate issued. Cylinders are in cast iron with piston valves actuated by Walschaert's gear with a screw reverser in the cab. Twin lubricators are driven from eccentrics on the rear axle.

There are a couple of boxes a large quantity of parts and fittings, including small items of platework like steps, part-built cab and roof, painted cylinder cladding sheets, tender buffers, couplings, oiling pots, fountain, safety valves with bonnet, boiler bands, vacuum gauge with driver's brake valve, swan neck and hoses, three-cock water gauge etc.

The engine could be completed for little additional expenditure other than time in the workshop - it has the potential to make a very fine locomotive. If you want some pictures to inspire you, I've had several in over the years - all in the archive, including this rather good one which performed well at our club.

I've also got four Aristocraft GWR coaches in stock which the previous owner bought to run behind this engine - they remain in unused condition.

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