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Part-built 5 inch gauge "Britannia" - stock code 4379

A good start for a 5 inch gauge "Britannia", comprising a chassis complete with roller-bearing axleboxes and a set of machined wheels with axles, one cylinder, bogie and pony trucks ready to fit and a quantity of parts and castings, including a Doug Hewson reverser gearbox kit, name and number plates. There is a tender chassis and formed brasswork for the tank - it's about 50% done as it stands, I would guess.

The copper combustion chamber boiler is from a different builder, the man reponsible for the "Duchess of Abercorn" I sold some years ago. It's unused, although pretty filthy from a lot of years under a bench. The plates are well-formed, there is some highly expert welding on the barrel and throatplates joints (fairly common practice, my 7 1/4 inch gauge Stirling Single has a TIG-welded barrel seam), remainder is brazed.

Complete with a set of drawings.

gauge 5 inch