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part-built 4 inch scale Garrett traction engine - stock code 3739

A well-advanced 4 inch scale Garrett, using the drawings and castings supplied by Bob Whitehead who also supplied the fully machined crankshaft and rolled wheels. Boiler is by AJB Engineering, complete with all paperwork and initial 300psi hydraulic test certificate for 150psi working pressure.

The engine is better than 90% complete - most of the parts to finish it, including the motionwork and water pump, are present in a box of machined parts, sheet metal components and fittings including Clupet piston rings, drain cocks, injector, pressure gauge, clack valves etc - and could be got steaming in short order with very little extra expenditure.

Whilst doing a good job on virtually everything else he touched on the engine, the builder had a bit of a blind spot when it came to paintwork. Given that the engine is still at a fairly easy to dismantle stage, kindest thing would be to pull it apart, shot blast to bare metal and start again - it could use a slightly less flamboyant colour scheme in something a little less polyurethaney.

I think there's the makings of a good engine here, I've had a couple in over the last twelve months and both have impressed with the way they go. There's some pictures in the archive of the blue one we sold last year - it's about the size of a Foster, larger and a hundredweight or two bigger than the 6nhp Burrell.

Complete with a set of drawings.

Length 76 inches
Width 30 inches
Height 47 inches
Flywheel 17 inch diameter

scale 4 inch