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Part-built 4 inch scale Foster traction engine - stock code 3481

Another one of these engines where it's probably better to let the pictures do the talking rather than have me waffling on about it.

A 4 inch scale Foster, built to a superb standard, currently better than 95% complete. The builder bought and restored the full-size engine, then produced his own drawings, patterns and castings for this model. It is authentically detailed as per the prototype, including the bar-type spud rail in front of the axle, cast oil can shelf beside the reversing lever, double guide bar crosshead assembly and square gear selector shaft.

Boiler is by Bicknells of Hampshire, steel with expanded tubes.

Paintwork is to a high standard, hand lined throughout apart from the wheels where the builder had transfers made to match the lining of the original engine - these have been applied and over-lacquered to protect the finish. The number plate and axle loading have been sign written.

The engine was last worked on five years ago - despite having got to this advanced stage, the builder was then distracted by a "fast track" restoration of a full-size Marshall traction engine before building an 8nhp Burrell Showmans engine in 4 inch scale. He is currently well-advanced on a new build traction engine - the project currently tips the scales at just over twenty tons, again using his own patterns and castings.

Work to complete is mainly minor jobs, none of which require machinery bigger than a Myford lathe and include:

  • Fit key to steering worm wheel
  • Fit key to hand brake wheel
  • Fit blowdown pipes to water gauges
  • Fit clack valves (already machined) to boiler, make and fit pipework for pump and injector
  • Oiler pot for valve spindle
  • Pipework and actuating arm for mechanical lubricator
  • Pipework for pressure gauge
  • Connecting rod for pump
  • Finish assembling governor
  • Make and fit brackets to ashpan
  • Fit rear axle oiler pockets
  • Fit injector water feed elbow to tender
  • Make and fit forward section of blast pipe
  • Fit whistle, chain and stand
  • Modify reach rod to fit behind gear guard
  • Fit oiling pots to eccentric straps
  • Fit ashpan damper rod and pin
  • Make and fit draincock pipes and operating rod

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