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Part-built 4 inch scale Foster DCC Showmans engine - stock code 6244

A well built Foster DCC Showmans Road Locomotive, the result of six years work by the builder and now only up for sale due to a growing family - we had the same chap's Aveling some years ago, a well put together Maxitrak engine that went particularly well.

The engine is up on its wheels and rolling, with steering gear. Work to date includes:

  • CE-marked steel boiler with expanded tubes by AJB Engineering

  • Wheels built and rubber tyred

  • Cylinder block, winch drum machined

  • Gear selector mechanism machined and assembled

  • Full set of machined gears

  • Set of laser cut plates for belly tank

  • Box of iron and gunmetal castings, including crankshaft, eccentrics, crosshead, pump, brake & steering wheels, slide valves, grate etc

  • Canopy

  • Complete set of drawings in a large manuscript case

Work to date is to a high standard, there is the potential for a very fine - and rather rare - engine when completed.

Length 76 inches
Height 48 inches

scale 4 inch