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Part-built 3 inch scale Marshall traction engine - stock code 3808

A well-advanced 3 inch scale Marshall agricultural engine to Christopher Lord’s “Pride of the Road” design. Started in the 1980s and last worked on now some years ago, underneath the surface rust and grime there is a substantial amount done, with much of the difficult work now completed.

Work to date comprises:

  • Welded steel boiler with expanded tubes
  • Wheels built and fitted
  • Smokebox assembly, complete with door, chimney base and perch bracket
  • All gearing, including differential, machined and fitted
  • Tender flanged, assembled and fitted
  • Cast iron cylinder block bored, saddle machined to fit boiler, ports cut
  • Weighshaft/governor bracket machined
  • Connecting rod & crankshaft machined and fitted, complete with valve ecentric sheaves
  • Steering wheel, shaft, gears and chains erected

In addition there is a quantity of part-machined bits, including most of a reverser, safety valves, front cylinder cover, expansion link and a set of drawings.

One of the largest three inch scale engine designs built, when finished it comes out about a hundred weight more than the ubiquitous Burrell in this scale – there are some pictures of a complete one in the archive.

Length 53 inches
Width 22 inches
Height 34 inches
Weight 465 pounds ready to run

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