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Part-built 3 inch scale "Little Samson" - stock code 3809

A well-advanced Savage "Little Samson" 4nhp steam tractor in 3 inch scale, the design was serialised in "Model Engineer" starting in 1993. Work to date is not bad but the paintwork is dreadful - the engine wants stripping back to bare metal and starting again. Cylinder is on, crank fitted, all gearing, valve eccentric straps and sheaves fitted, it requires weighshaft, lifting links, expansion link and eccentric rods to complete the motionwork.

There is a box of finished components, again all horribly painted, including the pump eccentric strap and rod and brake components.

Commercial steel boiler by Bell Boilers with all paperwork.

"Little Samson"s come in a variety of scales, from 3 to 6 inch - they make up into a good looking engine which is still a fairly rare find on the rally fields. Little Samson models have a good website offering parts and castings, along with pictures of finished engines.

Length 41 inches
Weight 2 1/2 cwt

scale 3 inch