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Part-built 3 1/2 inch gauge "Hielan Lassie" - stock code 3763

A well-advanced example of LBSC's "Hielan Lassie", originally intended as his take on Thompson's rebuild of Gresley's A1 "Great Northern" but, in typical Lawrence fashion, then offered with all sorts of options, including the Baker gear version here replacing the original Walschaert's, though still used with the Gresley-Holcroft conjugated gear for the inside cylinder. No idea whether this hybrid was ever seen in full-size, no doubt somebody better informed than I will let me know.

The air-running chassis is nicely made, fit and finish of the motion is good. Boiler was reputedly built for an A3, copper construction silver-soldered throughout - it has been extended beyond the front tube plate to accomodate the extra inch in the A2's frames.

There is a tender which is largely complete, decently built then horribly painted.

Locomotive 36 inches
Tender 20 inches

gauge 3 1/2 inch