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Part-built 3 1/2 inch gauge Clarkson A4 - stock code 2220

A beautifully-made chassis and largely complete tender for a 3 cylinder A4 Pacific, built using Clarkson drawings and castings. Super workmanship right the way through, with a very high level of detailing - I make no apologies for three pages of pictures, there is much to learn from them whether you're interested in A4s or not!

The remainder of the castings to complete are included, as are a grubby though entirely useable set of original Clarkson drawings - rather rare in their own right these days. Clarkson's had an enviable reputation for high quality, authentically detailed models in their day - sadly the drawings and patterns for many of their engines, whilst still in existence, have not been commercially available for many years.

Work completed to date includes

Rolling chassis with crank axle, quartered wheels, connecting rods, bogie and pony truck
Cab roof
Double blast pipe chimney
Locomotive brake shoes and hangers
Return cranks and eccentric rods
One coupling rod
95% complete 8-wheel tender

There is also an unused set of A3 drawings, which contain much detail shared with the A4.

Locomotive 34 inches
Tender 20 inches

gauge 3 1/2 inch