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Part-built 3 1/2 inch gauge 9F - stock code 2612

Although an attractive and powerful model, the number of wheels has always struck me as a bit daunting in LBSC's "Evening Star" design. All that turning and quartering, not to mention jointing the connecting rods together - plenty of scope to get things wrong.

This is an exceptionally well made chassis, with all those potential problems behind it. The machining is to a high standard, the wheels are accurately quartered and the rods well made and fitted. As a result, it pushes along beautifully without tight spots or binding up.

Work to date comprises:

Rolling chassis, wheels turned, quartered and fitted in gunmetal axleboxes
Coupling rods machined, bushed and fitted
Cylinders bored and fitted, complete with pistons, piston rods and piston valves
Steam brake cylinder and mounting machined and fitted
Front pony truck assembly
Brakes and rigging
Axle pump and mechanical lubricator eccentric sheaves machined and fitted
Tender frames profiled
Smokebox saddle machined and fitted

In addition there is a bag of machined parts, including

Lubricator eccentric strap and rod
Axle pump eccentric strap and rod
Pair motion brackets
Pair bushed connecting rods
Pair crossheads
Pair return cranks
Pair radius arm/combination lever/union link assemblies

Leaving only the eccentric rods and expansion links to complete the valve gear.

Castings and drawings are available from both Blackgates and Reeves.

gauge 3 1/2 inch