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Part-built 3 1/2 inch gauge 4F - stock code 1961

Early stage build of a Derby 4F 0-6-0 LMS tender locomotive, comprising:


Rolling chassis - frames, gunmetal horns and axleboxes, stretchers, pump bracket
Wheels with crankpins fitted and balance weights cast in, steel balance weight cover plates cut out
6 machined tender wheels
Machined axle pump body, ram, rod, eccentric strap and sheave
Machined brake stand
Part-machined valve chest and cover
Machined reversing handle, screw and nut
Crank webs and crankpins
4 machined buffer heads, castings for buffer stocks (one machined and missing step)
Radial links for Joy valve gear machined

Unmachined castings for:

Petticoat pipe
Smokebox door
Outer dome
Cylinder end covers (4)
Tender dummy springs (5)
Dome bush and ring

Drawings, castings and a flanged boiler kit are still available for this locomotive from Reeves.

Length (locomotive) 22 inches

gauge 3 1/2 inch