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Part-built 3 1/2 Firefly - stock code 2449

Part-built engine to Martin Evans' "Firefly" design for a Great Western small Prairie tank.

Work to date comprises:

Rolling chassis with gunmetal horns and axleboxes, wheels fitted with crankpins
Smokebox with chimney, part-finished door, saddle, fitted to chassis
Brass tank/cab sides profiled
Coupling & connecting rods profiled and bushed
Stainless steel grate
Profiled motion brackets
Pair part-machined crossheads
Valve eccentric sheaves and straps fitted to axle
Miscellaneous small parts including brake beams etc

The boiler, whilst obviously amateur built (the professionals are much meaner with their silver solder) looks sound, with well-formed plates and good solder penetration.

The workmanship is functional rather than show-winning, nevertheless I think that it's a worthwhile project that could be completed to a decent standard.

Length 28 inches

gauge 3 1/2 inch