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Part-built 2 inch scale Thetford Town - stock code 1707

Early stages of a 2 inch scale Burrell Showmans engine to the highly-detailed plans by Ronald H.Clark, produced from original Burrell drawings. Based on one of the largest road locomotives built, at 2 inch scale this design produces a large, powerful model around four feet long when finished.

Work completed and parts included comprise:

Full set of drawings, as new condition
Boiler barrel, throat plate, outer firebox sides
Completed front wheels with axle, centre bracket and cap, perch bracket
Complete smokebox with extended alternator bracket, works plate on front and chimney base
Cylinder block and top cover casting (gunmetal)
Set of front and rear tyres
Rear wheel rim material (steel)
Rear wheel T-rings
Gear centre, spider and winding drum
Crankshaft bearing housings

Castings for this engine are available from Reeves

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