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Part-built 2 inch scale Fowler Showmans engine - stock code 2889

A two inch scale Fowler Showmans engine to Plastow's well-known "Princess" design which they produced for two, three and four inch scales - I've had two and four, yet to find a three inch scale version.

A large, powerful engine even in two inch scale, running out at about four feet long. There are some pictures of a cracking two inch scale B6 in the archive, as well as some of this design built in four inch scale.

Loads of work done, loads still to do - work to date comprises:

  • Tender, complete with fairleads, draw bar, brake pivot

  • Hornplates, crankshaft and second shaft fitted

  • Part-completed gear selectors

  • Pump eccentric sheave, strap and rod fitted to crankshaft

  • Set of wheels

  • Smokebox complete with door, locking handles, chimney, dynamo bracket and dynamo

  • Perch bracket and front axle

  • Set of four valve eccentric straps, sheaves and rods

  • HP & LP connecting rods

  • Cylinder block saddle machined for barrel, valve chest face machined, bored

  • Flanged boiler kit and six tubes (six missing). Barrel, outer wrapper and throatplate assembled

In addition there is a large quantity of castings and machined parts. Work to date is to a good standard, there is a part set of drawings, eight sheets in all. Once the boiler has been completed, the build would proceed rapidly to a rolling engine - the front end is substantially complete, a back axle is required whereupon the rear end including tender could be fitted.

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