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Part-built 2 inch scale Burrell Gold Medal tractor - stock code 1706

2 inch scale model of the Burrell 5 ton Gold Medal steam tractor. The original, works number 3846 was built in 1920.

Based on the design produced by MJ Engineering of Ringwood, Hampshire, the engine is an accurate scale model of the original compound tractor. Castings are still available for the engine, a full set of drawings and the comprehensive builders manual is included. All remaining work is well within the capacity of a 3 1/2 inch lathe.

Work completed consists of::

Silver soldered copper boiler with sliding firehole doors fitted
Wheels, fitted with rubber tyres and mounted on axles
Set of gears, including differential
Smokebox with door and locking handles, chimney, perch bracket
Machined crankshaft and flywheel
Machined steering worm, wheel and bracket assembly
Flanged endplates for belly tank
Part-machined connecting rods

In addition, there are unmachined castings for:

Steering wheel
Crankshaft bearing housings
Weighshaft/guide bar bracket
Cylinder block
Material for boiler cladding bands

Length 28 inches
Height 20 inches
Width 12 inches

scale 2 inch