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Part-built 1 1/4" Allchin/Freelance - stock code 1543

Part of a collection of three traction engines by the same builder, this engine was built in 1961 and has been exhibited several times in its part-complete state. The builder was working with a set of the Hughes "Royal Chester" drawings for a 1 1/2 inch scale Allchin. This engine is closer to 1 1/4 inch scale but retains the overall Allchin two-speed, four-shaft layout - it differs in detail from the drawings in various ways, although the workmanship on both this and the other engines we have from this builder is good.

Work complete to date is silver-soldered copper boiler with grate and ashpan, cylinder block with trunk guide and regulator, connecting rod, crankshaft and all gears down to the back axle, which is fitted. Smokebox with chimney and perch bracket. Well-detailed tender with water pouch and fairleads for winch.

Work required includes construction of four wheels and front axle, boiler feed pump and valve gear (eccentric straps, sheaves and rods, expansion link, lifting links and weighshaft, slide valve, valve chest cover). There is detail work involved in cladding the boiler etc.

Overall length is 20 inches, with a 5 inch diameter flywheel.

scale 1 1/2 inch & smaller