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Part-built 1 1/2 inch scale Allchin - stock code 3837

I sold this engine last year, since when the new owner has acquired a construction manual, made up the footboard/toolbox and bought some extra bits and pieces including winch rope and maker's plates. It's recently come back in part exchange for a largely complete 2 inch scale engine - pictures were taken yesterday, words below are from last time round.

A decently made 1 1/2 inch scale Allchin, with most of the castings bought and much machining completed. Work to date is to a good standard, the wheels are neatly rivetted, gears look commercially cut. The silver-soldered copper boiler was believed by the previous owner to have been a professionally-built job, from the quality of flanging and soldering I am sure that is the case, although I don't recognise the builder's mark and serial number stamped on the foundation ring.

The builder has taken quite a lot of trouble making up little tools, D-bits and fixtures - there's even the tool Hughes described to make the brass lamp ventilator tops (works to, there are some made up ventilators, just like it shows in the pictures).

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