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Part-built 1 1/2 inch scale Allchin - stock code 2209

A well-made Allchin traction engine to the W.J.Hughes design for "Royal Chester". Widely-regarded as the first close-to-scale drawings produced for a model traction engine, Hughes had access to the full-size engine in the 1950s (an engine now in preservation) and produced a highly detailed design which remains extremely faithful to the original. Written up in the "Model Engineer", Hughes subsequently published the construction articles as a book.

Although often tackled by newcomers to model engineering attracted by its modest size, the design calls for a considerable amount of experience to build successfully, both in the ability to tackle complex individual parts and also to cope with the sheer quantity of bits - basically if it was on the original engine, it appears on the model. As a result of this, I see a good number of Allchins which are not all they could be(!).

This model is better than 90% complete. It has a professionally-built silver-soldered copper boiler by Alec Farmer of Reeves fed by mechanical pump on the second shaft and injector (not included but widely available from the usual suppliers). Three cock water gauge with blowdown, 0-160 psi pressure gauge. Two speed with differential and back axle-mounted winch.Platework for the tender and boiler cladding is very neatly done, with fine rivetting.

Remaining work includes:

  • Governor
  • Gear guards
  • Brake gear
  • Fit and plumb up injector and water lifter
  • Complete mechanical lubricator (tank made already, pump body to do)

The chimney base flange has been cracked and a piece lost - it could either be repaired by silver-soldering in a piece of metal or a new base made which is a simple turning job.

There is a box of parts and castings, including the governor body, professionally cut governor gears, formed steel tyres for front wheels, spuds, machined drive pins, boiler transfers, "Royal Chester" nameplate. In addition, there is a set of drawings and a copy of the book by W.J.Hughes which gives an excellent "blow-by-blow" account of building the engine.

Apart from an injector costing something around £25 in this size, there is very little expenditure or workshop time required to complete this engine.

Length 26 inches
Height 17 inches
Weight approx 80 pounds

scale 1 1/2 inch & smaller