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Oscillating cylinder vertical boiler locomotive - stock code 8883

Every now and again we get something so far out of left field that you can only stop and admire the thinking behind it.

A vertical boiler, compound oscillating cylinder locomotive, exhibiting high standards of workmanship and ingenuity in equal measure.

Baffled as to how it could possibly work when we first saw it in photographs, the reality when it arrived is a finely built steam-braked chassis which pushes along easily with a smooth, mesmeric nodding of the cylinders.

Boiler is well made in steel with water tubes in the firebox - however, we have no paperwork nor drawings for it.

Something that richly deserves finishing - and yes please, we'd like to see it running when done.

gauge 5 inch
length/inches 32
width/inches 9
height/inches 15
mechanical pump 2 x axle