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O-gauge "Small Bass" 0-4-0T - stock code 6272

Something we don't see very often here (or anywhere actually, come to think of it), "Small Bass", LBSC's spirit-fired O-gauge shunter serialised in "English Mechanics" in 1930. This one was built more than sixty years ago, it appears never to have been run. It's a beautifully built thing, turns over freely, the paint - unremarkably, given its life spent in a case - remains in good condition.

Copper spirit-fired water tube boiler, gunmetal cylinder with slide valves actuated by Baker valve gear, displacement lubricator.

Currently residing on a bookshelf in my office where it's been for the last few months looking pretty.

2nd June - the engine has had a brief outing from its case this morning, there's a clip of it here running on a few psi.

Length 9 1/2 inches

gauge Gauge 1 & smaller