SRS Blog > Moving the workshop

Published 18th April 2004

The workshop is finally empty of machinery, it's all now up in sunny Lincolnshire waiting to be set up in the new workshop in September. I'm back to a very small workshop comprising Myford and a drill - feels like the first workshop again (which was more years ago than I care to remember!). It's a slightly heart-stopping moment when you see your entire workshop dangled from a six-ton hiab before being driven off into the sunset. The truck that came to pick it all up was an impressive bit of kit - the crane, mounted behind the cab, could pick up my Triumph lathe from the ground at the far end. I've used the company before and know the driver - as fast as I could run machines out to the road with the fork truck, he'd got them loaded and strapped down.

This weekend was one of our neighbouring village's fetes - an annual event which is always very well supported. I go along each year as it's the one day that a local man opens his garden railway, a long-established 9 1/2 inch gauge line running through beautiful gardens. The local classic car club turn up, there's an organ playing, a barbecue in one corner and a fine time is had by all.