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Model Stephensons valve gear - stock code 2500

A large, very finely engineered demonstration model of Stephenson's valve gear, mounted in a glass case. I think that it is nineteenth century and probably originated from one of the locomotive works - the detail and workmanship in it is far in excess of that required to demonstrate the gear. The crank axle is turned from the solid in one piece, it is fitted with cottered big ends. The gunmetal eccentric straps are all fitted with oilers.

The operating handle allows the whole motion to be turned over, the gear can be notched up to show operation of the slide valves and pistons.

The glass case is missing two pieces of glass but is otherwise sound. The whole thing is rather grubby, the dark olive green and red paint beneath has a nice patina.

The whole thing is large and immensely heavy. I have owned it for some years, my boys learned the ins and outs of Stephenson's valve gear on it. In recent times I have tried hard to persuade Mrs P that, with the glass replaced in the top it would make a handsome and unusual table for the conservatory, thus far with little success.

Length 48 inches
Width 24 inches
Weight 250 pounds