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If you're reading this, you've probably spoken to Michelle - the "voice on the phone", she runs our office with military precision and an iron fist. Responsible for all incoming orders, correspondence and our logistics wing, she also handles our insurance, fire drill, health and safety, certification, and pretty much everything else you could imagine on a sheet of A4.

A relentlessly enthusiastic and positive influence, as anybody who's been on the receiving end of her first-class customer service can attest, Michelle excels in planning our company celebrations and will happily produce chocolate and prosecco for any important event, down to and including the opening of an envelope.

Michelle has an impeccable taste in fashion (and has proved that it is entirely possible to drive a 7 ¼ inch gauge Manning Wardle in high heels).

When not running our office, she turns her formidable organisational abilities to all aspects of family life, coordinating the activities of three children including one professional footballer.