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Maxitrak Simplicity 5 inch gauge diesel - stock code 2045

This engine is in good working order, it will run about all day on a charge of the battery. It has the optional remote control box, which makes driving very comfortable, and the original instruction manual. The dashboard in the cab has a forward/reverse switch and hooter button. There is a master power switch discreetly hidden away under the back buffer beam, which took Jack at least ten minutes to discover. One or two "blobs & gadgets" have gone missing over the years, including one handrail and the nut that holds the "bonnet" down, but nothing that couldn't be cheaply and easily replaced if so desired.

If collected, you are welcome to have the battery we bought for it - it's a Ford Fiesta one costing about 25 from your local car shop - but I can't send it by our courier, who has rules and regulations about things full of acid.

The decision to go 7 1/4 inch gauge for the new garden railway is proving more expensive than I thought. Having lost Sam's Juliet in the break-in, we've acquired a Hunslet for him to renovate and use. Jack, ever the diehard diesel fan, is now the proud owner of a rather superior petrol hydraulic.

Length 24 inches

gauge 5 inch