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Maxitrak Pearl 5 inch gauge with driving trolley - stock code 2397

Maxitrak's take on a Kerr Stuart "Tattoo" class 0-4-2, a small industrial design of the early twentieth century. It makes a large, easy to drive engine in 5 inch gauge, rather like a small 7 1/4 really, with a free-steaming locomotive type boiler. I get few Maxitrak engines in - their owners seem to hang onto them longer than most - and am always impressed by how well they go.

Silver solder copper boiler fed by crosshead pump and injector with auxiliary hand pump in right hand bunker. Slide valve cylinders actuated by Hackworth valve gear with pole reverser in cab. Rod-operated drain cocks. Mechanical lubricator.

This engine was built some years ago, well put together and with some nice practical extras on it such as the water gauge fitted to the rear of the pannier tank, visible from the cab.

There is a driving trolley with the engine. It needs a seat fitted to the top and a water container connected up to the existing plumbing to feed the locomotive injector, but is substantially ready to go.

Length 36 inches
Height 23 inches
Weight approx 120 pounds

gauge 5 inch