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Maxitrak "Dixie" - stock code 3404

A Maxitrak "Dixie", their take on the Kerr Stuart "Wren" design. They always go well - easy to fire, make steam like there's no tomorrow and respond well to even the most cack-handed of driving. This one sat chugging away on the rolling road for an hour yesterday afternoon while David and I were playing with something else in the workshop, the crosshead pump keeps up with the boiler and it steadily made steam all the while, eventually gently blowing off.

Silver soldered copper locomotive type boiler, feed by crosshead pump with auxiliary hand pump in the tank. Gunmetal cylinders with slide valves actuated by Hackworth valve gear with pole reverser in the cab. Mechanical lubricator. Overall the engine is in good mechanical condition, some of the the paintwork needs attention (although there's not a wonderful lot to paint on one of these should you feel the need to redo it).

Complete with a steam-raising blower and set of firing irons.

gauge 5 inch