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Maxitrak Aveling traction engine - stock code 3773

Sold this one last year to a life-long locomotive man who was branching out into traction engines. It's now come back in part exchange for a "Bridget" - picures are from earlier in the year, it looks the same now, just a bit more polished.

I don't get many of these Aveling tractors in - they go very well and their owners, seemingly a very satisfied group of individuals, rarely seem to sell them.

Built from a fully-machined kit supplied by Maxitrak in 2002, this engine is in fine fettle, pretty much the ideal beginner's rally outfit with a well thought out driving/passenger trolley containing a stainless steel water tank, coal box and set of batteries for powering the electric steam-raising blower.

Overall dimensions are similar to a 6nhp Burrell in the same scale. It has a copper silver-soldered boiler fed by twin injectors, working pressure 90psi. Single cylinder with slide valve actuated by Stephenson's valve gear with pole reverser on footplate. Mechanical lubricator and rod-operated drain cocks.

One of the freeest-steaming traction engines I've driven and without doubt the fastest - it has a very long high gear which, once under way, gives very leggy performance on the road. Combined with the rubber-tyred wheels it gives a quick, quiet ride - you can see Ashley terrorising the estate in the clip here.

Paintwork is mostly good, although with some loss of paint on the top of the offside gear guard which could be retouched.

Length 42 inches
Height 30 inches
Weight approx 250 pounds

scale 3 inch