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Maxitrak 1 inch scale Burrell Showmans - stock code 2774

As-new 1 inch scale Burrell Showmans engine by Maxitrak. Gas-fired, silver soldered gas-fired boiler, single cylinder engine with slide valve actuated by Stephenson's valve gear with pole reverser on footplate. Displacement lubricator.

The canopy lights are wired to be driven either from the engine dynamo or a separate battery pack for display purposes.

The engine was assembled from a kit and painted to a high standard. It has allegedly been steamed twice and displayed ever since on a bookcase during which time the gas valve handle was broken, the canopy stays were rearanged by small fingers and the nameplates fell off. The valve has been silver soldered back together, the canopy stays require tightening up and nameplates refastening. The engine turns over freely and appears mechanically in good order.

Length 21 inches
Height 13 inches

scale 1 1/2 inch & smaller