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Published 22nd July 2007

Mrs P and I had a long weekend away last week, delivering a Tinkerbell to friends up in Scotland. Martin moved up there last year to an idyllic place set in several acres of woodland with the intention of putting down a serious-sized 7 1/4 inch gauge railway.
The property comprises a row of cottages, home to glove makers in the nineteenth century. The glove factory is next to the house, a beautiful Victorian building complete with clock tower, slate roof and fantastic chimney pots. The garden runs to several acres, bisected by a river. 
The railway is an ambitious undertaking which will result in nearly half a mile of track, including a 30 foot bridge over the river, with some challenging terrain on the far side to negotiate. It will be a magnificent thing when done, I am looking forward to watching it come together over the next few years.

Work at the moment is concentrated on the house side of the river, an engine shed and the first hundred yards of track are the first priority.