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Marshall 8nhp portable engine - stock code 6607

An 8nhp Marshall portable engine, supplied new to Argentina and repatriated in recent years since when it's had a comprehensive rebuild, including new firebox and tubes. In good running order, three years into its ten year hydraulic certificate, the engine has nice fittings including a mechanical lubricator with glass sight feeder and beautiful small chime whistle, both of which I covet. Overall the engine is in good condition, the only casting damage noticed being a broken governor stand with evidence of an old, welded repair.

Rivetted Britannia type steel boiler with expanded tubes, 100psi working pressure, Salter type safety valve, feed by mechanical pump. Single cylinder with slide valve actuated by single eccentric, mechanical lubricator with sight feed, Pickering governor. Original cast iron flywheel on the nearside, there is a fabricate steel drive pulley which has been recently fitted on the offside - if it were mine I would be tempted to fit a smaller, cast pulley.

Weight est 7 tons