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Likamobile steam car - stock code 6188

A particularly well put together example of one of the ModelWorks "Likamobile" steam cars, this one was completed in 2009 and features all sorts of ingenious modifications and upgrades that go to make it one of the nicest we've driven.

The builder preferred a steering wheel to the standard tiller, so constructed a steering column elegantly grafted in alongside the existing arrangement, allowing it to be converted back in the future if required. For ease of getting aboard, one leg of the triangulated column has a sleeve joint, allowing the whole assembly to collapse sideways for entry and exit. Very elegantly done, everybody in the workshop has played with it - easier to see it used than describe it, check out Sam showing how it's done here.

Valve chests have been fitted with drains, piped through a valve fitted just beneath the seat - there is also a swing down stand fitted to the rear axle, allowing the car to be lifted slightly from the floor to warm up the cylinders off load. Drip feed oilers have been fitted to lubricate the trunk guides and valve rod bushes.

Dampers have been fitted front and rear which considerably improve comfort on the road - combined with the steering wheel modification, it removes the tendency to bump steer.

Water feed is fully automatic, there is a motor driving the standard bypass valve - it's a relatively small modification which makes a big difference to the driveability, you spend more time watching the road rather than the boiler water level.

The car is well-painted and nicely detailed with genuine vintage brass oil lamps and "Boa Constrictor" horn (which to be honest looks rather more impressive than it sounds - we find a hearty shout clears villagers from your path more effectively).

The car has working brake lights and a bicycle type speedometer (the smiles it raised when I told the young bloods in the workshop I'd seen 16mph on it yesterday led me to think they probably know it goes a little faster).

A thoroughly well-sorted piece of kit - I like this one.

Working pressure 250psi