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"Seekadett" steam launch kit with steam plant - stock code 7884

A Swiss lake launch kit, with twin cylinder Anton "Crystal" vertical engine and boiler, by Marten, Howes & Baylis. Substantially untouched from new, the engine has been installed in the hull, it's otherwise as supplied.

Complete with drawings, parts list and assembly instructions.

There is further information and photographs of the finished model on the JoTiKa website here, more information about the French built engine, a jewel of a thing, on their website here.
Note that due to a hiccup in the studio yesterday (biscuit overdose most likely), the photographer got a bit overexcited and included the steam-raising blower from a nearby traction engine in the first picture. Doesn't go with the launch - not needed for gas firing and it's so big the boat would capsize. So, just to be clear - doesn't include the blower.
length/inches 52
width/inches 11
height/inches 10
bore x stroke/inches 9mm x 9mm
cylinder material gunmetal
valve type slide
valve gear Stephensons
boiler type marine cross flue, gas-fired
boiler material copper
boiler construction silver-soldered