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Hunslet parts - stock code 2083

Professionally-made parts for a 7 1/4 inch gauge, 4 inch scale Hunslet "Alice" class quarry engine to the Milner Engineering design, comprising:

Laser cut frames, buffer beams, frame stretcher and motion plate
All frame angles cut to length and CNC drilled
CNC turned steel driving wheels (correct taper treads, 6 5/8 diameter) and tender wheels
Locomotive axles in EN8
CNC-milled expansion links
Reversing lever, stainless steel handle, stand and quadrant, locking plate and spacers
Hornblocks and stays
Guide bar brackets
Expansion link lifting arms and weighshaft
Regulator lever with stainless steel handle
Eccentric sheaves

The engine builds up into a large, powerful locomotive weighing around 600 pounds - the picture at the bottom of the page is a complete example that I sold last year. Parts and drawings are still available from Reeves.

Length 48 inches