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Hipp toggle electric clock for restoration - stock code 8431

An interesting Hipp toggle electric clock - not sure whether this one is part-built or halfway through a stalled restoration.

The pendulum is impulsed by a coil below the bob - the notch plate and contacts of the Hipp toggle mechanism are present, the leaf is missing. The motionwork is largely complete, with a pawl engaging in a horizontally disposed contrate wheel.

Various elements of electric horology represented here - the Hipp toggle and impulsing similar to that of the GPO No.36 master clock I have at home (the only master clock allowed in the house - the Pulsynetics are banished to the workshop, the clunking reset of the gravity arm every 30 seconds not finding favour with Mrs P); the motionwork has elements of Bulle clock in it (the one in our music room ticking silently, so is tolerated).

length/inches 5
width/inches 7
height/inches 17