SRS Blog > Health & safety - boys & sawbenches

Published 8th October 2001

I found this picture recently (2017, whilst transferring posts across to the new website). It was taken at the old house - we used to have a saw-up every winter with our 6 inch traction engine, belted up to a Dening of Chard saw bench. The engine didn't have a governor but Sam, 7 at the time and able to stand on the footplate, became a dab hand on the regulator, keeping the saw running freely as David and I put the logs on.
No idea what Health & Safety would make of it these days. Back then Mrs P and I were firm believers in Arthur Ransome's excellent advice on bringing up children:
"Better drowned than duffers, if not duffers won't drown". 
Still are, come to think of it.