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Greenly vertical high pressure launch engine - stock code 8327

A project for those with larger machinery - a single cylinder vertical engine with reversing gear, doubled up from a Henry Greenly design published in the 1920s (we sold one way back in 2002 - there are some pictures in the archive here if you want to see how far digital cameras have come in 16 years!)

The work of a highly capable engineer (he was also responsible for a 10 1/4 inch gauge diesel-hydraulic shunter we sold back in 2011), the engine has been built from scratch, including the beautifully made patterns shown.

Work to date is to an excellent standard and comprises machined bedplate, steel crankshaft, pillars, eccentric straps and sheaves, connecting rod, cylinder covers and various other smaller parts.

Complete with drawings, as well as the builder's notes on his intended modifications to the original design.