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Franklin & Bell firetube boiler - stock code 2491

One of the lesser-used boilers I've ever bought, this one was ordered from Franklin & Bell (latterly Bell Boilers) for use in a 6 inch scale Sentinel steam wagon which, as events turned out, never got built. Having skulked around at the bottom of the owner's toybox for a few years, it was then briefly pressed into service to provide steam for a Leak compound engine in a narrow boat. Steamed on a handful of occasions in the boat, the complete plant was removed last year when the owner sold the hull in order to concentrate on a new boat he was building. Since then it has been back in the corner of the workshop

Built in 1998, Franklin & Bell serial number FB258, to a fast-steaming water tube design. Coal-fired, central flue with 32 cross tubes. Working pressure 150psi, the initial hydraulic test was for 350psi. It has a current certificate.

In the top of the boiler is a three element stainless steel superheater, beautifully-made (at considerable expense) - it comes with its own 300psi test certificate.

Fittings include a Nabic pop-type safety valve, 0-250psi pressure gauge with stop cock, pair of clack valves for pumps, 3 cock water gauge, blower plumbing and a manifold with three steam cocks - basically everything needed to plumb it up, connect a water feed and produce steam. There is a cast iron grate which fits from beneath.

Highly suitable for a wide range of interesting projects this! Personally I fancy another steam car, now that the Locomobile's gone up to Scotland, but it would be equally suitable for use in a boat or as a large stationary boiler where, I suspect, it would run just about anything you could throw at it - similar to the Merryweather J-tube boiler, one of which would just about run the huge Marshall vertical engine (7 x 10) I had at the old place.

Excluding chimney 40 inches
Including chimney 96 inches

Diameter 20 inches
Weight approx 400 pounds