SRS Blog > Dodgy boiler certificates (part 2)

Published 12th June 2005

As you by now may have seen, last month's sad boiler story has been resolved, the owner of the locomotive resold it at eBay with all faults stated and the dubious nature of the boiler paperwork declared.

It is heartening to see somebody behaving with decency and integrity on this matter - one can only hope the original vendor blows himself up in the near future and does us all a favour.

An interesting postscript to the story is, as often happens when these sorts of things are publicised, other stories crawl out of the woodwork. Another fellow was taken for a ride in similar fashion - engine described as the best thing outside the British Museum, it arrived with a "home brewed" boiler certificate and, surprise, surprise, the thing leaked like a sieve.

Funnily enough the two sellers involved with these two engines live in adjacent roads in the same town; one signed his own "boiler certificate", the second used a third party who lived in the next road along (and shares a surname with one of the sellers). Now there's a coincidence...