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Dismantled 5 inch gauge NY&HRR 4-4-0 - stock code 7175

A 5 inch gauge New York & Hudson River Railroad 4-4-0, an older engine completed in 1988, built to a good standard and dismantled in recent years to overhaul and repaint. Designed by John Clarke, we get these in now and again - always been impressed by how well they go, I think it's a particularly good looking design (although granted you do have to like nineteenth century "Wild West" engines - I do, but they're a bit of a Marmite thing). There is club boiler history with the engine, last test dated 2009.

There are pictures of a particularly good one of these we sold back in 2009 in the archive here, if you want to see what the finished thing looks like.

Locomotive 39 inches
Tender 21 inches

gauge 5 inch