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Dismantled 5 inch gauge GWR 57XX 0-6-0PT - stock code 7174

A 5 inch gauge GWR 57XX pannier tank, built to LBSC's "Pansy" design. One of those well meaning "light overhaul" jobs that got out of hand. Initially dismantled to repair a couple of stripped threads in the inner dome bush (which could actually have been tackled in-situ), five years later it's ended up as the proverbial box of bits.

As far as we can see it looks like everything is here. Silver soldered copper boiler, supplied new by Stuart Models in 1989 and complete with their original test certificate. Chassis is still substantially assembled, boiler fittings and platework are in a box.

I'm sure everybody knows what a Pansy looks like when it's in one piece, if not there's a complete one listed here.

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