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Dismantled 3 1/2 inch gauge Maisie - stock code 2781

Rather a nicely made old Atlantic, currently trapped in a stalled restoration project. There is much evidence of masking tape and repainting, it just needs somebody with the determination to get it all back together again. Appears complete.

(I won't do all the "copper boiler, Stephenson's valve gear, axle pump with auxiliary hand pump in tender" rubbish, partly because you all know what a Maisie is but mainly because I'm supposed to be at St.Wilfred's Church "Fish & chip supper and Quiz Night" in precisely fifteen minutes. Mrs P has just appeared looking ravishing and I'm still typing away at the computer in my boiler suit, having spent the afternoon steaming a large Burrell - an appointment with the shower beckons).

gauge 3 1/2 inch