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Dismantled 2 inch scale Clayton wagon - stock code 3227

I've lost count of the number of derelict engines that I've come across which, once in sound running order, were dismantled for "a repaint and tidy up".

This rather sad specimen is a complete and, until fairly recently, running Clayton wagon which changed hands whereupon the new owner decided to repaint it - the end result is what you see here.

I've looked through the boxes of bits, as far as I can make out he hasn't managed to lose anything major. The boiler is in good order, it has had a twice working pressure hydralic test in the workshop - only leak of note was from the wet header joint, which needs to be unscrewed and remade with some gasket goo.

The engine has escaped relatively unscathed - the sump plate and valve chest covers have been removed but it's otherwise in one piece and turns over freely.

scale 2 inch