Meet the Team > Connor

Owner of the tidiest toolbox in the workshop, Connor is the go-to man for diagnosis and rectification of just about any malady that crops up in the wide variety of engines we service and overhaul.
Equally at home up to his elbows between the frames of a 7 1/4 inch gauge locomotive as designing replacement parts in SolidWorks, he's the man responsible - amongst other things - for developing the PTFE traction engine regulators we fit.
TIG-welds like an angel, he fabricates most of the cabs and tanks on our new locomomotives. A coded welder, if required he's equally at home in the boiler shop.
Having recently bought their first house, Connor is excitedly thinking about fitting out the garage as a workshop, and perhaps getting a motorbike.
Laura, meanwhile, is thinking about fitting out the kitchen with all new units and perhaps getting some new curtains...