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Coal-fired boiler with vertical engine - stock code 2758

An excellent coal-fired steam plant comprising a rather handsome, wood-lagged vertical boiler complete with three cock water gauge, dead-weight safety valve and blower. Feed is from a water tank via a hand pump. The engine is a beautifully machined vertical, which looks much like the early Stuart 7a (which itself was reminiscent of a miniaturised No.1) complete with displacement lubricator - note the authentically flanged pipe fittings and wheel valve regulator. The whole thing is mounted on a large base board with replica tiled "engine room floor"

Height 26 inches to top of chimney
Base 16 x 11 inches
Engine flywheel 3 inch diameter
Engine height 8 inches

The sporty little number in the background is, I'm told, a Porsche 993 Carrera. Karl, who works next door, races and services these for a living (though God knows where folk in Lincolnshire get the money for Porsches). I've often wondered if his website has blurry pictures of steam engines in the background...