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Cheddar 5 inch coal-fired test boiler - stock code 2413

Back in 1978, Tubal Cain wrote a short constructional series in "Model Engineer" describing a 5 inch diameter vertical coal-fired boiler. The design was an enlarged version of a boiler he had described a few years previously, itself based on a much earlier "LBSC" design. Designed for coal-firing, the boiler can also be run on a propane burner and featured 51 x 5/16 tubes with a central flue-tube superheater.

This is a professionally-built boiler by Cheddar Models, in excellent condition having apparently seen little use. It is in copper, silver soldered throughout and fitted with pressure gauge, water gauge with blowdown, clack valve for pump, regulated steam take-off, blower and blowdown valve. The firehole door is fitted with a top draught damper, the cast iron grate sits on a tripod below with damper flap to the front.

Tubal Cain partnered his original boiler with a Stuart steam pump, it can also be fed by injector or hand pump. There are a set of the original Tubal Cain drawings with the boiler, three copies of "Model Engineer" detailing the construction and the original 200psi hydraulic test certificate from Cheddar.

Working pressure 100psi
Height 22 inches
Weight 21 pounds