SRS Blog > BS2 - the new big engine

Published 30th July 2018

Topics: Stafford, Workshop.
The workshop is very busy at the moment - the new machining centre hasn't come a moment too soon! As well as a batch of twelve Clubman-size Stafford/Feldbahns in build, work is well-advanced on a new big engine design, the next generation of our existing Estate range "FC7" locomotives.
In development over the last 12 months, currently codenamed BS2 (although, as with "Big Stafford", our development names tend to stick when we've finished the engine - I wouldn't hold your breath for anything more imaginative!). There's a batch of eight currently in build, with four pre-ordered due for delivery later in the year.
From our experience building the Estate range of locomotives ("Big Stafford" and "Big Feldbahn" in common parlance), we've designed BS2 to be suitable for everything from intensive club hauling to commercial operation.
Similar in overall look to the existing Stafford and Feldbahn FC7 locomotives, "under the bonnet" there have been over 70 design changes - all intended to enhance performance, efficiency and provide a more engaging driver experience.
These include valve gear running on roller bearings; hardened motion pins, expansion link and larger, rectangular slide bars; locomotive type boiler with stainless grate and ashpan; vacuum brakes fitted as standard; increased weight and improved distribution for maximum adhesion; water tank filters; pressure-fed glands.
Extensive use has been made of 3D milling, using Fusion360 to generate complex toolpaths for our CNC machines direct from the SolidWorks drawings - this has enabled the incorporation of much additional detail, whilst at the same time improving our machining efficiency and reducing cycle times.
Deliveries of the new locomotives are expected to start later this year - we'll post pictures and a full specification on the website at that time. If you would like further information about the design - or even place an order - just email or give us a call.