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Boxford VM30 milling machine - stock code 2641

A Boxford VM30 milling machine, bit scruffy having come from a school workshop where, judging by the sawdust liberally covering it and dry coolant tank, it spent its life cutting wood. It has a continuously variable pulley drive system and backgear, giving two speed ranges from 55 - 2000rpm. Speed is altered by turning the outer bezel of the rev counter.

Spindle is 30 international with drawbar, running in sealed Timken bearings - tooling is widely (and cheaply) available. The selection of tooling you see spinning merrily in the video clip is NOT included - they're from my Bridgeport but illustrate the sorts of things you can bung in the nose. The head swivels left and right through 45 degrees each way. Travel is 11 inches along the table, 5 1/2 inches across.

The table has is in good condition with no slots, holes or other horrible gouges. The slideways work smoothly. There is a coolant tank and pump at the rear and a 12 volt lo-vo light which needs a bayonet fit bulb. Paintwork is pretty grubby, the cabinet front door is missing but mechanically and electrically everything on the machine seems to operate as intended.

The machine is currently set up with a 440V three phase motor. This could be run from a phase converter or inverter, alteranatively it looks entirely practical to replace it with a single phase motor.

Weight approx 7cwt