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Box of stuff - stock code 2627

A box of stuff comprising:

Six machined driving wheels, 4 inch diameter
Four small wheels (which look like they may be soul mates for above)
Set of six tender wheels on axles
Four little machined driving wheels (which look nothing like either of the three above)
Pair machined piston valve cylinders complete (still go chuff when you wiggle the rods)
Smokebox, door and chimney (horizontally split - good idea, pity it never caught on)
Ancient flywheel type thing (not a locomotive bit)
Couple of hand/tender pumps
Authentic LBSC-type deep tone whistle (I think it's a Helmholtz resonator, I'm sure somebody will correct me)
Safety valve
Mechanical lubricator
Pump eccentric sheave and strap
Pair of buffers
Reversing lever and quadrant
Six horns, machined and drilled

There's sundry other odds & sods which you can see in the picture. Looks like somebody had a grudge against 3 1/2 inch gauge engines...