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Boat engine castings - stock code 2135

Set of castings believed to date from 1924 for a large model compound condensing launch engine, written up in the "Model Engineer" magazine in 1922/3. There is a finely made balanced crankshaft with all bearings, fitted in the bedplate and a machined cylinder block. The design features Stephenson's reversing gear actuating a slide valve to the LP cylinder, piston valve to the HP, multi-tube condenser, fixed and recirculating pumps.

The castings are of high quality, mainly in gunmetal with some iron (including the cylinder block and flywheel). Overall size when complete will be something around 10 inches long and 12 inches high. There are a number of sheets of photocopies from the original construction series included - for the remainder you may have to plunder the club's "ME" archive.

Bore 3 + 1 3/4 inch
Stroke 2 inch